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Horse safari in South India

Bangalore-> | Nandi Gunda -> | Narasipura ->| Talakad->| Shivasamudra-> | Talakadu > | Srirangapatana-> | Bangalore-> Day = 08

Day 01 Mysore / Nandi Gunda :The Nandi Gunda village is situated approximately 25 kms from Mysore. This is an ideal place for camping.

Day 02  T. Narasipura the three rivers Kapila, Kabini and Cauvery meet. This point is known as the Sangama and is considered a holy spot. The name originated since the three rivers meet here, T stands for Tirumakuda (the meeting of 3 rivers) and Narasipura, as there is a temple of Lord Narashimhaswamy (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu).

Day 03 Talakad:
Talakad is 50km south-east of Mysore, were the river Sangama (mentioned above) used to flow towards Talakad. The famous Shiva temple, which is buried under the sand, is visible only once in ten years. The sand on the temple clears up on its own, this period is known as the Pancha Linga Darshana.

Day 04: Shivasamudram:
  The next stop is Sivasamudram is 25km downstream,  which is a hydropower generating station, Generating power for Mysore. It is a beautiful picnic spot; the Gaganachuki and Baluchuki are two waterfalls here. An ideal spot for relaxation, and best seen immediately after the monsoon.

Days 05 Malavahalli Night halt only.

Day 06
  Somanathpur is 33km east of Mysore,    one can see the Keshava Temple built in 1268  during the period of the Hoysalas. The Hoysala form of architecture was used in building the temple. The walls of this star-shaped temple are covered with superb sculptures in stone depicting various scenes form the Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita and the life and times of the Hoysala kings. No two friezes are alike. The carved frieze, starting with elephants at the bottom, followed by horses, a floral strip, scenes, crocodiles or lions and, finally, geese. It is a smaller version of the famous Halebid and Belur Temples.

Day 07   On the Bangalore road 16 km from Mysore stand the ruins of Hyder Ali's and Tipu Sultan's capital, from which they ruled much of southern India during the 18th century. Srirangapatana this is an island, since both the rivers Kaveri and Kapila flow around it and meet at a place called the Sangama. A very relaxing place steeped in history, was once the capital of the Wadiyar Dynasty.

Day 08  Srirangapatana the safari will end after the morning ride. We later drive down to Mysore for a farewell dinner at the Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel. Eight Days

Day = 06

The Safari starts from Mysore. (Six-Day Safari.) 

Day 01.  Mysore / Hadinaru : 
Hadinaru25 to 30 km from Mysore. The ride will be through villages, sugar cane fields, and paddy and across the channels. We will pass the Chamundi temple (on the Top of Chamundi hill) worshipped by the Royal Wadiyars. Entertainment by Local folk artistes. 

Day 02 Suttur Famous for its mutt (a religious Institution), which has established Schools and colleges in Mysore and Suttur. The Mutt is governed by a Swamiji (a religious head).

 Day 03 T. Narasipura 25km from Suttur. The Town is called T Narasipura since it is the meeting place of three rivers, ( T means Tirumakuda which is called Sangama ), and also the Temple of Narashimaswamy (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu). 

Day 04 
Allbetthalli (village) the ride will be alongside the canals, coming across various species of birds. Visit the ancient temple of goddess Tribadevi with a night halt in the above village. 

Day 05 Kestur is again a ride through a village, paddy fields and sugarcane, and via channels and scrub jungle. Overnight stay at this village. Day 06 After breakfast ride to Chamarajanagar, which is about 20 to 30 km, riding through granite quarries and scrub jungle You will reach Chamarajanagar around Lunchtime. 

Five Nights & Six Days

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